2023 Website Design Trends to Look Out For!

The new year is just around the corner–keep your website up to date with these top trends.

Top Aesthetic Website Design Trends for 2023

The visual appearance of a website plays a huge role in how engaging it is. People want websites that draw them in and make them curious about what a website has to offer. These three aesthetic trends are capturing attention from visitors in every industry.


Color gradients–where one color blends into another–are becoming more and more popular in website design. They create an inherent flow, all while offering a controlled visual experience. For the longest time, color gradients were a blend of only two colors, but that is quickly changing. More web designers are incorporating multi-layered gradients in design, placing different gradients side-by-side to create a more powerful effect.

2023 Website Design Trend Gradient

Parallax Scrolling

The popular web effect of parallax scrolling has been used to make sections on a website more engaging. It can be seen in full-width applications, along with images or videos that add depth and dimension as you scroll past them; it makes these elements seem like they’re placed behind other parts when really nothing is happening at all! This subtle behavior singles out specific content for attention making your experience better than ever before


Chatbots are an interesting and unique feature that will be relevant in 2023. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to improve, we expect chatbot technology integrated into customer service requests as well as “personal shopping.’
A good example of this would be if a potential client visits your website looking your hours of operation or how to schedule an appointment. The bot can let them know your hours or provide a link to schedule online without needing someone on live-chat or email exchange.

2023 Website Design Chat Bot

Voice Search

In the future, voice search will be a common way to interact with websites. Not only has it increased accessibility for people who have difficulty using traditional keyboards or screens but also increases user productivity because you can ask questions without having scroll through pages of content on your laptop!

2023 Website Design Voice Search

Dark Mode

One of the more recent website design trends is dark mode. This type of web page or app offers a low contrast experience for users who are trying to view it under conditions where there isn’t much light, such as at night time with your computer’s screen lights off and only coming from whatever lighting around you have nearby (maybe even just one big candle!). Some sites use what’s called “sticky” buttons – these appear on each individual webpage so that when someone browses through different pages they can switch back an forth between normal brightness levels if needed

2023 Website Design Voice Search

The Takeaway

There are many different features that come together in a great website, and the list is always growing. As we move into another year of captivating and engaging websites, be sure to stay up to date on the trends so you can provide an experience your visitors will love.

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